When it comes to young hardworking women, Rihanna is one name you have to mention. After being on multiple magazine covers, brand ambassador of Puma, the release of her eighth studio album ANTI, sock collection with Stance and fur slippers with Fenty and Puma, Rihanna now delivers a new fragrance and perfume line called Crush.

Rihanna new perfume line Crush

Sure to get much attention, Rihanna debut the new perfume on June 14. Being her second perfume, Rihanna describes Crush as ‘mysteriously sexy and provocative’. Blended with a mixture of pink rose, red berries, creamy musk, cedar wood and patchouli, Rihanna gives you a scent that will catch any ‘lusters’ attention.

Rihanna new perfume line Crush

Crush is set to go on sale in August at Macy’s and Macy’s website. The sleek bottle comes and three size at 3.4 oz, 1.0 oz and .2 oz.

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