LØVER has been existing in the streetlight shadows of his own consciousness for the last few months. A couple of sold out shows in Berlin, London’s Sebright Arms, by: Larm in Oslo, he moved to London and was working on an album when he suddenly broke up with a girl; heartbroken and not able to fully express himself musically, he moved back to his home of Bergen in Norway where he’s been working on the forthcoming EP that “Look What I Got” is taken from, surrounded by the fjords and the musicians he aspired towards as a kid – Kings of Convenience, Royksopp, Annie.

“Look What I Got” is by turns a tough jam that reminds of Post Malone in parts, the smirking winning of a girl that’s hard to get. But it also can’t help but echo the wistful and heart-wrenching lyricism that permeates his life. LØVER brings vividly sad yet triumphant stories to a clanking, skeletal instrumental to create one of the most genuinely interesting and emotionally textured tracks we’ve heard this year.

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