On Monday, July 18th Mali Hunter and Tree Sound Studios hosted a private, upscale evening dinner for rising violinist and singer Lee England Jr. If you don’t know this guy, I suggest you get to know him soon, because this guy is amazing and everyone quickly came to understand why Legend Quincy Jones and Hall of famer Michael Jordan is backing the Chicago native. Sponsored by Courvoisier, Corona, Cholula Hot Sauce, Tree Sound family and friends were given a private concert of the rising artist’s work as well as an indepth interview moderated by Mali herself.

To start off the night, guest enjoyed mixed drinks by Courvoisier, refreshing Coronas and a dinner that was made for Kings and Queens. On the menu for the night included fried chicken, turkey meatloaf (that tasted heavenly with the Cholula garlic hot sauce), 3 types of pasta, Mac and Cheese, cookies, rolls, green beans and more.

After being stuffed and having great conversations with some of your favorite celebrities in the building (Terri J. Vaughn, Jasmine Guy, Angie Stone, Ed Lover and more) Mali held an exclusive interview with Lee England to allow people to get to know him more. Speaking on how he came to be backed by Michael Jordan as well as how him and Quincy Jones met, England allowed everyone to see why they feel he was an artist they felt compelled to take to the top. First delivering an acoustic perform, Lee England played some favorites that people love with his band all while premiering his song, “Change Gon Come” that literally had the audience singing along with him.

But that still wasn’t the end of the event. Introducing a rising painter from Miami who displayed many of her artist pieces throughout the studio, Atlanta Councilman Kwanza Hall came in to announce from Tree Sound’s hard work and growth of the city of Atlanta that July 18 is officially Tree Sound Studio Day in the city.

To close out the night, Lee England Jr. took the cave part of the studio to deliver a full concert for everyone to enjoy as has he stated, “I Do This!” he does. I have been a lover of violinist all my life (even though I may not look it) and I must say, Lee England definitely is up there with the Vanessa Mae, Mari Ben Ari, Ken Ford, The Mad Violinist and more!

Checkout pictures from the event below:


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