Kanye West and Drake are no newbies when it comes to collaborative album. From Kanye West and Jay Z’s ‘Watch The Throne’ to Drake and Future’s ‘What a Time to Be Alive’, both show that they can work with the best of them. Now it seems that the leaders of the new generation want to work with each other create a masterpiece to destroy any chance of any artist to win best album of the year by working together.

On Monday night at OVO Fest, Drake brought out the lovely Rihanna who performed “Too Good” and “Work” and gave Drake another lap dance he will never forget as well as he brought out Kanye West to perform “Pop Style”. While on stage Kanye West states, “Is y’all ready for this album? I wasn’t talking about Pablo. I wasn’t talking about VIEWS. I wanna ask y’all right now: Are y’all ready for this album?” clarifying by pointing at Drake before pointing back to himself.

This year alone, Drake and Kanye has caught everyone’s attention as Kanye released his ‘The Life of Pablo’ album as well as Drake released his ‘VIEWS’ album in which both took over the months when released. If they are collaborating on an album and it drops before the end of this year is out, it seems that Mr. The 6 and Yeezus may just be competing against themselves when award season comes around.

Watch Drake and Kanye West perform ‘Pop Style’:

Drake brings out Kanye West:

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