For this month of ‘The Fanbase’ Tha Cool Club and Schweinbeck, LLC brought out a few of their A3C family to deliver a Fanbase A3C Edition Panel that the city of Atlanta definitely didn’t want to miss! With a packed out audience, the panel consisted of A3C Executive Director Mike Walbert, Editor In Chief Lauren Martinez, Creative Director Jade Carter, Local Ambassador Chilly-O, Cultural Influencer Dres Tha Beatnik and A3C Artist Relations Queen Bobbi. For the event, panelist delivered knowledgeable information on how artists can grow their careers, the best ways to have a SUCCESSFUL A3C experience and much more!

If you are an artist looking to build in the music industry and didn’t come out this month… Sucks For You.

Checkout Pictures Below of The Fanbase A3C Edition

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