Melbourne, Australian artist, Jesse Tallis gives you a song that everyone will want to vibe out to titled, “Unlovable”. Most people know the feeling of heartbreak. When going through the aftermath, you can find yourself in the darkest place of your life. All while enjoying the memories of what will never be again. At that moment, you know you aren’t in any condition to get in another relationship. Jesse is going through just that. Reminiscing about his past relationship, he comes to understand that at this time it’s good that he just stays alone.

One thing I will tell anyone, most songs are better when their sad. This is definitely one of those cases. Coming after the release of his song, “New Love”, Jesse shows he can consistently create great music, but with “Unlovable”… From the simply production, distorted dubbed vocals that are synthesized and its futuristic sound, he definitely out did even himself.

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