Kanye West doesn’t rant about how great many artists are (except for Beyonce, he’ll kill for Beyonce), but when the artist who feels he is the greatest artist of today delivers a supportive twitter rant about someone’s music, you probably sound listen to it. Well, it has become the talk of the world, Frank Ocean is one artist Kanye West is ‘Staning’ over right now as the R&B singer debut his Blonde album this past Saturday.

Coming after releasing his visual album, Endless, the world finally got what they were waiting for 4 years. One person who was waiting for it was Kanye West and he definitely let the world know as he delivered a supportive rant to make people checkout the album and also telling radio to play more of his music. If anyone at radio really loves music … Come together and pick your favorite Frank Ocean song and play it at least 10 times a day,” Kanye states before saying, “Every station across the globe. I Heart. Clear Channel local stations. Satellite. Every station. This will make the world better.”

In the rant, Kanye  let it be known that many rappers have listen to Frank’s project saying, “Me and Drake both listen to Frank. Radio has to support amazing artists” all before asking people to empower artist to make great music and remember why you loved music in the first place.  “Ask yourself Why did you love music in the first place and what can you do to add to the story.” To end it off Yeezus states, “Power to the people. Power to the artist. Empower the artist and create a more inspired world.”

Even though radio may not be playing Frank Ocean’s as much as they should, Frank is probably doing ok as his album set to be No. 1 this week on the Billboard Charts and is expected to sell 225-250 thousand in it’s first week.

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