After the release of their ‘Cruise Control Vol. 1MadFreshDaily and DJ Bently team up again to put you on rising artists that you need to know with their, ‘Cruise Control Vol. 2’.

About Nadine Graham of MFD – @MadFreshDaily

Graham is a freelance music writer who’s been published in Revolt, Billboard, Mass Appeal, Vibe and others. She was also a part of Day 1 Radio since its debut 2014 until Spring 2016 on Atlanta-based AB+L, interviewing everyone from Master P to rapper Raekwon on-air.
Currently she’s working with streetwear company Staple Pigeon to promote their brand throughout Atlanta’s entertainment industry.

Her site, and the web series Mad Fresh in These Streets are her third and fourth babies.

About DJ Bently – @DJBently

A master of sound and excavator of rhythm in any beat, DJ Bently is a veteran professional in the music service industry. Born Bobby Clark Jr, this native Floridian has provided musical refuge since the mere age of 13. While honing his craft in local venues in and around Panama City, he was granted the professional alias, Bently.

After relocating to Tallahassee to pursue an education at Florida A&M University, Bently continued to develop his talent working as the house DJ for the local WANM 90.5 radio station reaching the ears of a quarter of a million listeners regularly.

As his network expanded, he was introduced to Grammy Award winning producer and songwriter Rico Love who later sought interest and included
Bently’s talent on his national promo tour. The transition from local disc jockey to national DJ was taken with ease as Bently extended his brand via celebrity mixers, large venues and professional sporting events.

Bently is a graduate of Full Sail University and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


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