After watch the 2016 MTV VMAs, which consisted of some of the best performances of all time for the VMAs, one thing that caught my attention as well other than, Kanye West’s 4 minute speech, new “Faded” music video which Teyana Taylor made everyone awkwardly hot, Beyonce performance, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj performance and Rihanna’s performance is when Drake presented the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award to Rihanna. Delivering his speech before giving her award, I think Drake had to talk to himself for a split second to decide if he really wanted the BadGal to know how he really feels about her. Taking a deep breath, Drake states, “She’s someone I have been in love with since I was 22 years old”. Now maybe this was written in, but after seeing Drake’s face everytime they perform at concerts together and even in the “Work” music video, I think Drake definitely loves Rihanna and can we blame him?… HELL NO! Now I know everyone is hoping they start dating, or they get married, but lets just skip all that. The first thing I thought about is ‘What Would A Drake and Rihanna Baby Look Like?’ Well I will say, I think they would create a better looking child, but some of the these images created from facial merging baby making websites, I’m not sure if I want them to have a child together and partly now hope they just stay Spade partners.

Watch Drake Present, Rihanna with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award At the 2016 MTV VMAs:

Ight after putting Drake’s picture and Rihanna image in websites, and’s Babymaker, I figured three tries were enough and now I’m thinking Rihanna and Drake need to perform a little further away from each other while on stage. Don’t get me wrong, I was rooting for you DRAKE!!! I Really Was! I was rooting for you like one of my homies having the opportunity to bag the baddest chick in High School all in hopes that he comes back and tells us it was everything we wished it to be. But…

These are the results that came out if you and Rihanna ever decided to have a child, or if you forget your ‘stroke count’ while she’s ‘Dirty Whining’ on you during a show and you allow her to get one more whine in.

drake and rihanna baby

In the words of my Father-in-law, “Wat Tis Dis!”.  We good you two. So calm down on the lubby dubby feeling for each other. Yes it’s cute, but we don’t need you two to make any children. The crazy thing is, is that this was the best one! Don’t believe me?!

Sooooo, Drake. Rihanna. We definitely love you all’s work, performances, albums, mixtapes, clothing lines, lyrics, all that! But PLEEEEEAAAAASEEEEEE don’t make us go through this.

OK?! Sooo No More This!!!

Drake and Rihanna baby would look like

Because, one more twist could leave Drake with the ‘Ooooo Why You Do That Girl?!’ Face.

Drake and Rihanna baby would look like

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