Since 2014, Imagine Music Festival has come one of our favorite festivals to cover in Atlanta and this year was no different. With a line up of DJs from around the world, Imagine turned this year’s festival into a Carnival that only music lovers could imagine (my word play is sick! LOL!). With the number of people coming out to the festival year after year, for 2016, the independent music festival had to move to a larger location to fit how many people that would attend. With the growth, of the festival, IMF also had a camp site for attendees that many booked to be on the scene 24/7. So many people, it looked like a Refugee campground of EDM Lovers. With that stated, they took over Hampton, GA as they hosted the 3-day festival at Atlanta Motor Speedway. With a carnival theme which consisted of a Ferris Wheel, Swings, a pool and a 25 foot water slide. IMF 2016 was one year to get to know what the rising festival was capable of and is growing to be in the years to come. With 4 stage set up in side the race track, fans of Electronic DJs and Bands partied out for 3 days all while IMF made sure everyone kept cool with water and ice stations, plus giving drinks to people.

This year, I think many people was anticipating on IMF coming near their city and to Atlanta as people allowed their weirdness to show, rocking super colorful outfit, kandi outfits, bikinis, small biker shorts and more, delivering Hampton, GA enough Rave Booty to last them till next year. One thing, I love about Imagine Music Festival is that it is one music festival where you can fully grow everlasting friendships with people you never knew.

Also, I definitely appreciate Imagine Music Festival for truly taking care of their media. In the entertainment industry of music, you rarely see that and they made sure to deliver to all of us as if we were paying attendees. THANK YOU!!!!

Checkout pictures below from the festival and see if we may have spotted you below. To view ALL 300 photos, click here.


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