‘Experience Hope’ is an audio album curated by veteran publicist and author Tamiko Hope that combines inspirational words and industry wisdom with beats from some of Hip-Hop’s most influential producers. It’s a mental pep talk set to music. Or rather it’s like having your own personal development coach who provides encouragement and pushes you to reach your full potential with a little 808 in the background. Grammy-award winning and multi-platinum producers Zaytoven, Sonny Digital, DJ Spinz and Dundeal all lend their special sauce to Experience Hope, as well as emerging hit-maker Hur$t Hitz. Hope, who is an avid reader and listener of motivational material, credits longtime client Zaytoven for sparking the idea for the innovative project.

“He originally suggested I make some kind of mixtape and he’d provide all the beats,” says Hope. “I thought it was brilliant but I decided to add other producers that I’ve represented over the years and make it a motivational album instead.”

Hope drew material from personal experiences, as well as passages from the Bible, business books, notes from sermons, podcasts and empowerment cds to create the 12-track album.

“This was a special project for me because I feel like this may really help somebody stay the course in such a challenging industry. There’s constant rejection, let downs, moments of doubt and uncertainty, all struggles I know well, which is why I crave success and inspirational talk. I’m an avid believer in the magic and power of affirmative words and how they can truly change your mental trajectory.”

Experience Hope also features commentary from Zaytoven, Rocko, DJ Scream and an original track from rapper Scotty ATL.

Experience Hope is now available at the links below:
iTunes | Amazon

Experience Hope Tracklisting
1. Intro (produced by Sonny Digital)
2. Preparation (produced by Zaytoven)
3. DJ Scream Speaks (produced by Hur$t Hitz)
4. Power (produced by DJ Spinz & Dun Deal)
5. Bdh (produced by Zaytoven)
6. Rocko Speaks (produced by Hur$t Hitz)
7. Use It or Lose It (produced by DJ Spinz & Dun Deal)
8. Zaytoven Speaks (produced by DJ Spinz & Dun Deal)
9. Easy Does It (produced by Zaytoven)
10. Words of Hope (produced by Hur$t Hitz)
11. Neighborhope Watch (feat Scotty Atl & Chris Prythm)

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