When it comes to rising artist, Gilles is one that many should definitely get to know. From the release of his Super. released in 2014, to today, Gilles is one name people are becoming more familiar with. One thing about Gilles, is his story different from many artists today and from it, we had to know what made him want to pursue being a rapper. As well as getting a little insight on his previous song, “Bim Bim” which features OG Maco and King Los.

Who are some artists you listen to who have inspired your sound? // So many, man. I listen to quite a few ppl. Really, everyone with an honest moment. Project Pat is an inspiration just as much as Stevie Wonder. I’d say my sound is like, if you mix those two…but, then beat them unconscious with a giant ass book of useless information.

What pushed you to persue being a rapper? // Bro, there is no way in this world I’m gonna spend another second not doing exactly what I want to do. Rap has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember…like, literally, I don’t remember any other music. There was no transition from any other artform for me…it has always been rap. It’s my language.

What makes you different from many rapper out today? and in Atlanta? // I’m a lot of things, man. I’m a rapper, I’m a lawyer, I’m Caribbean, I’m a Que, I was born in Brooklyn, I’m a Christian, I shop at Sam’s Club, I lift weights, I have flat feet…ALL of these things inform my perspective. My music is just that…my perspective. Only thing is, it rhymes n shit. My raps are just these things that we all experience except I’m telling you how I see them.

How has being a lawyer helped you in the music business? // It’s all about the finesse. I’ve gotten a chance to see tons of agreements and meet lots of ppl. Basically, being a lawyer has been a great access point to the industry on all fronts. And, of course, being knowledgeable about your field keeps everyone on the up and up.

For some of your tracks, do you feel the need to ‘dumbdown’ your raps to target a larger audience? // No. Being clever is a duty I owe to myself. I will say this though, I write in layers. Like, there are some things I know most ppl will get and then some things I know only a select few will get. But, for those select few, those moments are really special.

For your single, “Bim Bim” how did you come to connect with OG Maco and King Los to create the dope track? // Actually, I got a homie who linked me up with both of them. His name is Google. Bruh is Thuh. Row.

How was it to work with them on the track? // A breeze, man. In today’s edition of the most Atlanta shit to pop up in an online interview, my high school football coach actually became the head coach at Maco’s
high school. Outside of that, they both are just good at rap, which is kinda the main thing for me. I sent them the record (via email) and they bodied it. And quickly, might I add. I had no complaints, that’s for sure.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming album “A.L.O.T.?” // Remember that perspective I was telling you about a few questions ago? A whole lot more of that shit. This album is full of me talking about women, love, fear, money, BALLIN on these hoes, home ownership, family, racism, being a millennial, the ego, arrogance, struggle, being broke…etc. Like, really…I’m gonna talk about a lot of things.

On your new project, what is one song (other than your single) that you think music lovers are going to love and you can’t wait for them to hear? // “Boxing With God” – It’s LITERALLY me arguing with God (don’t worry though, me and “The Man Upstairs” are A-1). But seriously, writing that record was just so liberating and I really just want ppl to sit with it. You know, unpack it…let it marinate.

Who are some of the producers you worked with on your upcoming project? // Tha Radio has really been instrumental in shaping our sound. We actually went to law school together. Of course, A-Tins is on there. I’ve never NOT had at least one A-Tins record. I’ve got a few records from K.Wills, one from Smitti Boi and then the pride of the left coast, my main man, J.LBS.

What are your social medias for fans to follow you? // The site is supergilles.com. As for social, it’s just as easy to find: You guessed it, everything @supergilles (except Youtube, which is @superdupergilles).

Checkout Gilles new song titled, “Opulent AF” feat. Cyhi the Prynce:

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