Ever since the FX T.V. show, Atlanta premiered on September 6, 2016, it has caught many people’s attention and each week continues to gain even more viewers. Now the Donald Glover (known as Childish Gambino) executive produced TV show is already being renewed for a 2nd season on FX and create 10 new episode for it.

Reported by Entertainment Weekly, “the first episode of “Atlanta” was the most-watched basic cable scripted comedy show of the past three years.” Can we also add the storyline of this show! Even though it may be considered a comedy, ATLANTA delivers slick quotes that will help everyone (not just millenials) ‘Stay Woke’. Starring Donald Glover, Brain Tyree Henry, Keith Stanfield and Zazie Beetz, ATLANTA continues to keep the worlds attention. One reason, I think why is because many who aren’t from Atlanta, want to know more about Atlanta, as well as the t.v. show is being put together by someone from the city that people from surrounding areas of Atlanta respect and is not just ‘popular’.


Congrats To the entire cast and crew of Atlanta and remember, ‘Atlanta Influences Everything’.

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