NYC singer H.E.R. just may have released on of the best R&B projects this year. When it comes to singers, it’s good to be a great singer, but nothing sounds better than a singer who knows their sound and how to execute it correctly with the right producers. H.E.R. is EXACTLY that. From her warm vocals topping, deep bass production, completed with influences of 90’s R&B and blues, her ‘Vol. 1’ project will make you wish the cold weather would comes sooner (At least in Atlanta, it’s still 75 degrees… AT NIGHT!).

With 7 tracks, H.E.R. gives you songs that will take you through many situations of your past, or present relationship. From love, heartbreak, infacuation and more. If it’s night time wherever you are, this is the perfect time to listen to this project. So go ahead and turn off the world and turn up H.E.R. Vol. 1.

Love this project? Make sure to support great artists as ‘Vol. 1’ is now available on iTunes.

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