Liana Banks is definitely one singer to keep your eyes on as the new year comes closer. After tantalizing our minds and ears with previous releases, she returns with a new single titled, “Plead The Fifth”. On the Yobo produced track, Liana’s wavy vocals tells you stories of wild and reckless night that may… or may not have occurred. When it comes to early releases such as “LVLUP“, “Leave Me Alone“, or “Table For One“, Miss Bank$ definitely shows that her creativity has no limit and she is capable of dropping continuous hits.

“Ever had one of those nights where you got really, really reckless…,” Liana states. “but was too gone to position your face into the dog filter on Snapchat and document it? Ever wake up like, ‘How the hell did I get on this boat, and why am I wearing pink pajamas?’ Lol, then this song is dedicated to your wild a$$.”

Checkout the NYC singer’s new single from her Insubordinate project below:

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