Spanish singer from the Canary Islands, Sofi de la Torre, debuts the music video for her song, “Flex Your Way Out” featuring LA singer, Blackbear. After the release of her music video for “Sit Down“, Sofi slows things downs and gives you a video for anyone who tired of their boyfriend/girlfriend trying to stunt for the ‘gram’ or people, all while the two singers mirror their dreamy vocals over Finnish pop producer Jonas Karlsson’s soothing, trap-infused instrumental.

When it comes to two rising artist who are destined for success, Sofi and Blackbear are definitely two we would say to lookout for. With coming together, it seems that they both knew of each others talents. “I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that our voices would sound great together,” Torre states. “So I sent him a message after writing this track in Helsinki. He got back to me straight away with that killer verse & vocal and I’ve had it on repeat ever since!”

Sofi de la Torre has caught many people’s attention after the release of her song, “London x Paris” and the release of her Mess EP. Now the rising female singer has everyone looking forward to 2017 as she shows everyone what #POPDONERIGHT sounds like.

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