UK R&B/Soul singer, Purple Ferdinand debuts her music video for her song, “Courage”. After taken a little hiatus, one of UK’s most sought after underground talents, blesses us with her serene and sophisticated vocals, all while delivering a calming music video to go with it. Taking you into a hazy tropical garden, the Columbia Records’ artist opens up her inner soul to the world and shows that true beauty can learn to blossom through pain.

“I was feeling defeated and out of my element and I needed to almost say it aloud to release the thoughts and fears I had,” Ferdinand states. “My perception was leading me to believe I didn’t have it in me to do what I already was capable of. I started writing it to vent and it ended up feeling empowering to just put it out there.”

Checkout Purple Ferdinand music video for “Courage” below. This song comes off of her upcoming EP, ‘Rain or Shine’:

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