I’m sorry, but N Motha Fuckin F! The Michigan bred rapper, NF is a beast! I will be real, this the first time I heard of dude after running across the release of his music video for “Warm Up”. With already having over 400,000 view after being released on October 21, NF shows that he not just a White Rapper in the game, but rapper that the world ready be ready for. From the vicious production that gives you that ‘Anarchy’ feel, topped with LYRICS, this dude is a force to be reckoned with. If I wanted, I could compare him to the Eminem, MGK, Macklemore, Action Bronson and many more, but I really feel NF is hear to create a path for himself and I’m actually pissed right now he doesn’t have a stop in Atlanta, during his Therapy Session Tour, but we about to change that.

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