Recently Trick Daddy decided to put up a social media video stating ‘black hoes better get their act together because White and Hispanic hoes are coming up.’ From it, he’s received a spamming amount of backlash from women who basically came to say why they don’t like BLACK MEN. Honestly, this makes me sad, because real BLACK MEN LOVE BLACK WOMEN, not ‘black hoes’. For one, dude’s name is TRICK DADDY and has never shown any respect for any woman and sees all of them as only desirable for sex. So his words should be taken with a grain of salt or pure entertainment as you continue to be the most successful woman you can be.

In today’s age, we give too much attention to what irritates us rather than things that lift us up. And that’s in EVERY RACE! Trick Daddy is no one I would acknowledge when it comes to advice and any real man of any background wouldn’t take advice from someone such as him. But WHY are so many women giving him this much attention? Be believers in yourself. If you know you’re great, on your grind, building an empire, taking care of your home, then understand you are amazing. I know in Hip-Hop it may seem that derogatory terms for women are used to categorize all women, but a real woman understands she is more and should be seen as more in a man’s eyes.

It’s the exact same way I feel when I hear women (just because I won’t use other terms) state that they want a ‘Real Nigga’. Automatically, it tells me they aren’t looking for someone like me, nor interested in what I have to offer KNOWING I am a strong BLACK MAN. Hell! My wife is Nigerian and Jamaican, it takes a strong, intelligent, hard-working individual to show that she can trust me, as well as provide her the security that she deserves (One of her uncles still wants 7 goats though, it’s not happening. Love him though. LOL!).

I know many women have been hurt by a man. Only because they didn’t know that he was a ‘trick daddy’. So I say to you all: Black Men LOVE YOU! Not just because you have a coke bottle figure or every dress hugs your body. We love you for your personality, the history that comes with black women helping the world to thrive, your glow as the sun soaks into your skin, your willingness to be even more than just the daughters of mother nature.

We love you because when our hearts are brittle, you all are willing to become the backbone of your man to help your relationship and home stand strong. We love you because when we lose hope and faith, you help us to know God is real. Understand Black women, a man may be the car, but you are the oil. This world can not run without the strength of you all.

Honestly, I’m writing this not because I want the accolades for saying what should be said, but because it should be said MORE from Black Man. If you are a black man and have never had or wanted love from a black woman, I feel sorry for you. It is truly life changing, because without wise words, care and love from my mother plus the consoling embrace, care and support from my wife, I can honestly tell you I would be in prison or dead.

So Black Women, stop giving ‘those type of men’ attention. They’re not speaking to you, but only look for your reaction to give them the attention they need to continue their ‘tricks’.
Black men LOVE YOU!



A Black Man In Love With A Black Woman


PS: If you are a ‘hoe’ though… you might want to take advice from the man who is the Daddy of all Tricks.

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