Nintendo is looking to revolutionize the gaming world and I’m not even a gamer and I’m looking forward to the release of their Nintendo Switch. Don’t know why? Well now, Nintendo releases a video, giving you a first look at the home/portable console. With this gaming system, you are able to take it on the road with you as well as play it home on your T.V. Delivering multiple settings that allows you to play single player, as well as multiple player, all while still on the go. I must say, this is definitely a gamers dream and if it holds some of Nintendo’s old games that many people came to love, this will be a Christmas stocking stuffer for many!

As of right now, Nintendo has not released a launch date, but has already announced that on January 12 they will be holding a livestream event called Nintendo Switch Event 2017 which will be held in Tokyo, Japan. At the even they will announce 1. The Price, 2. software lineup and 3. The Launch Date. This event will also have two days of public demos.

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