When it comes to companies trying to recreate how we work, or do regular things through out life, a lot of companies are showing that they just have business executive making decision from sales charts and trendy time periods. From adding little tweaks to things and saying, “ALL NEW BLAH BLAH BLAH,” is not making anyone want to jump up and rave about what they have released. But Microsoft. MICROSOFT! I think you just made any tech love have an euphoric moment, that may end with needing a cigarette. Debuting their Microsoft Surface Studio, Micro brings the future to your home as it turns your desktop to a studio. The 28” PixelSense™ Display allows for anyone to use it as a regular desktop, or lay it down at an angle and allow your creativity to run wild as it turns into a drafting table.

Built with a i5/i7 Intel Core Processor, with up to 32 GB of RAM with 4 GB of NVIDIA® GeForce® dGPU, this shows that it simply a powerhouse for power and performance. With sleek style, the Surface studio is as beautiful as the design work you can create on it. The one thing I love about the Microsoft Surface studio is that it seems to be created by creative individuals who asked themselves, “What do we wish we had to make our work better?” It’s amazing how something so simple can put a desktop computer in a league of its own.

To make matters even better, I have to take about the Surface Dial.

This item (even though separate, but I’m sure anyone is going to purchase this as well if you get the desktop) takes everyone into the future we expect. Just as in movies, this circular item allows you to control your screen with the just a turn of your wrist. From color swatches, zoom, different settings, etc. allowing you to be more productive at a quicker pace. This way not. If working on the surface as a studio, you can zoom in, slide your screen, change colors and keep digitally illustrating what you need with even having to move your pen to a new location, or switching to a mouse.

Microsoft may be on to something and I’m not gonna say much, but some companies may want to step their game up…

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