After having a long Thursday night, it’s nothing better right now than coming home to see that future soul singer, QUIÑ, has released her debut album, Galactica. With also being my mother’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA!), QUIÑ gives her fans and music lovers 8 tracks which includes her recent releases, “I AM,” “Galacticat,” “Over Again” featuring G-Eazy and “MATH.”

If you don’t know QUIÑ, this will be your introduction, but if you’re a fan of definitely know her. On this project, the L.A. based singer shows everyone exactly why we picked her as a female artist to watch for 2016. From her wavy vocals, futurist style that angelically takes you to another planet and euphoric production, this is the perfect project to be listening to at four in the morning (in Atlanta).

Falling in love with this artist after her release of her song, “Dragging Me Down“, QUIÑ has not let us down with multiple songs released, perfecting her sound all while continuing to show us apart of her universe. If you all could only know how happy I am right now!

Some of my favorite track from ‘Galactica’ is “I Am,” “Sea of Space,” and “Solo”. This whole project is PCP trip through space, but these songs make you never want to come back to Earth.

Stream the album below and if you love it, support a rising artist as the album is now available on iTunes.

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