Last night in the 3rd Episode of the 7th season of The Walking Dead, fans were taken back into the world of Negan. After the gruesome, head bashing deaths of Glenn and Abraham, plus Rick’s mind altering life experience, we were taken into ‘The Cell’ where Daryl was taken for punching Negan in the face. One thing is for sure, if you watch Sunday night’s episode, you probably have one song that you now love to hate, even if you took a trip down Easy Street.

Starting off the show, we found out that egg sandwiches are still a delicacy in the post-Apocalypse, but for Daryl, he now get’s to enjoy dog food hoagies. To go along with a horrible meal, Daryl gets to sit in a muggy cell, naked, all while being tortured by one of the most, jolliest songs titled, “Easy Street” (If you didn’t guess that by the hook). By the time show ended, I’m sure that little jingle you couldn’t get out of your head and if Daryl dealt with that ‘Gitmo’ style torture for a numerous amount of day, this might be the worst thing that has happened to him.

But Daryl stayed strong, still tried to escape even when warned, plus fought a gang of ‘Negans’ when caught. To top that off, after all of that, when Negan asked him his name, Daryl replied back with his own name. Letting Negan know that he isn’t fuckin with them. Daryl is definitely the G.O.A.T. of The Walking Dead show. Even though he had one breakdown moment (which was definitely understandable), Daryl is showing that he would rather die, than to be apart of basically a group of men who fear one man.

But then again, maybe they all listened to that one song too many times and just said, ‘fuck this song, I’m Negan’.

Well if you wanted to know where in the world that song came from, just so you can set it as your alarm on your phone, blast it through your car’s factory system, or simply meditate to it (you psychopath), the song is called, “Easy Street” and created by The Collaspable Hearts Club and features Jim Bianco and Petra Haden. Due to myself not being able to get the song out of my head, I figured I should spread the ‘joy’ around to everyone and remind you about a great song to add to your daily playlist.

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