Seems like Drake won’t be the only celebrity who can have GIF memes and video clips popping up minutes after his video drops anymore. The video streaming site, Vevo, now allows you to turn video clips into GIFs! Today, YouTube‘s biggest competitor announced a new tool that allows users to turn video clips into GIFs from their 230,000+ video holding library.

Offering a large catelog of music videos from musicians/celebrities Vevo will give people an opprotunity to create GIFs of their favorite artist for entertainment purposes. With the GIF platform Giphy stating that 80 percent of its usage is GIFs that have celebrities, Vevo seems to targeted the right audience with something that is simpliestic, yet unique.

To create a GIF of a video on Vevo, all you have to do is pull up the video you want to watch, press the GIF button at the moment you want the GIF to start and then you can scrub through the video and cut the part that you would like to have to capture the perfect moments.

After saved, you can share the GIF on Twitter, or Facebook. And note that the GIFs download as a video, not a GIF when exported. Right now, this feature is only available on Desktop.


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