One-man orchestra The Micronaut has released a new music video for “Pyramid,” the first single from full-length Forms (December 9th). The Micronaut believes forms and shapes can be seen everywhere, and makes you believe that, too, with the kaleidoscopic video turning usually humdrum images of a cityscape into mesmerizing configurations.

The Micronaut is German multi-instrumentalist and producer Stefan Streck. Broken bass rhythms and catchy melodies characterize his sound, resembling a collage of electronica, samples, and live guitar. Riffs evolve and are passed to synthesizer keys, note by note. A peculiar dynamic arises – a merging.

Since his debut 2012 full length FRIEDFISCH, The Micronaut’s profile has been constantly on the rise. Known for his electrifying live shows, Stefan Streck is one of the hardest working beat-makers in Germany, playing around 100 shows each year with acts such as Apparat, Paul Kalkbrenner, Sven Väth, Ada, The Notwist, Nightmares On Wax, Phon.o, and blowing audiences away at festivals and showcases like Festival Eurosonic and Tallinn Music Week.

To be released on Acker Records, one of Germany’s leading independent electronic labels, Forms is a mix of electronica, IDM and pop, a fluttering, heady explosion of colourful sounds with a melancholic edge of plaintive clarity. Forms reveals new perspectives on the electronic music genre, crushing their boundaries in a very playful way.

Germany has been known for the quality of it’s electronic music for quite some time, and the Leipzig-based musician known as The Micronaut is yet more proof of this.

Forms Tracklist (December 9th, 2016 via Acker Records)

1. Rhombus
2. Triangel
3. Pyramid
4. Ellipse
5. Kite (feat. Sebastian Bode & Laura Daedelow)
6. Trapez (feat. I AM HALO)
7. Circle
8. Pentagon
9. Oval
10. Square
11. Cone (feat. Robert Groos-Albouts)
12. Prism

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