Right now, many people are still celebrating Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton as the elected President. On the other side, some people are panicking, as protest are happening around the nation as well as some people are trying to figure out how to get out of the country as soon as possible. Well we know that plane trips out of the country (even to Canada) don’t come cheap, so we figured we would try to help out the one that may need it, so they can accomplish their ‘Escape from American’ goal by 2017 and let them know about Airfordable. The place you can go to put flight tickets on Layaway.

On Airfordable.com, you can book your flight for a fraction upfront and pay off the rest in an easy, flexible payment plan before your departure date.

How does it work?
Well, you find a flight from one of your favorite travel sites. Take screenshot of the flight you’re looking to purchase and upload the screenshot to Airfordable that holds your flight details. From the website, secure the ticket with a deposit and pay the rest in installments before the flight date. Once payment is completed, you will receive your e-ticket for the flight and bye bye America, you’re on your way to another country.

You may want to go ahead and get your passport though if you don’t have that though. But other than taking trips to escape the ‘Reign of Donald Trump’ this allows you to plan for trips within your country as well. Looking to take quick trip to Las Vegas during CES? Looking to hit up New York Fashion Week in 2017? Or looking to visit friends in Los Angeles for the Summer, checkout Airfordable.

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