Instagram continues to figure out different ways to keep people engaged with their social media app. After adding their new feature, ‘Stories’, or ‘InstaChat‘ (as people like to call it) the social media platform delivers a couple new features that will help people to connect with others. Today, Instagram announces that they have added their Boomerang feature and Mentions to Stories.

With already being one of top used social media platforms today for personal and business use, Instagram looks to connect people even more as they add their Boomerang feature to Stories. Plus now you can mention friends and others who may be in a story that you post. Delivering the same video style as Snapchat, Instagram now helps people to update their followers on who is in the picture with them as well as being able to post looping visuals to their stories for their own personal entertainment.

Now you are able to take Boomerang photos / GIFs inside Instagram. Swipe right from your feed to open the stories camera and a new format picker under the record button allow you to select “Boomerang” mode. In Stories as well, you are able share who you’re thinking about, or with, by mentioning them in your story. When adding text to your story, just simply type “@” followed by the person’s username and select who you would like to mention. In the story, the username will appear underlined in the story. When selected, the viewer will see a pop-up that will take you to that person’s profile.

Also, Instagram is testing out adding links to stories as well. Right now, this is a test that allows verified accounts add links to their stories for people to learn more. So if you spot a link on some pages that says, “See More” this will be the new tested feature. From this people are able to see their favorite lifestyle blogger’s DIY instructions, their favorite artist’s new music video, news reports you would like to read more on.

These features are available as a part of Instagra version 9.7 for iOS, Andriod and Windows 10.

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