When it comes to rising artist/singer Eryn Allen Kane is definitely one of THE BEST! BUT rapper, Chance The Rapper, who even has a Kit-Kat wrapper with him on it, decided that she may need a little bit of tuning up. So he took a few minutes to become her vocal coach to help her out a little bit.

Now, I am a fan of both and got the privileged to see Eryn Allen Kane perform live in Atlanta at Smith’s Old Bar earlier this year. I can definitely tell you, this little lady who’s hair flows longer than her body can SANG! Don’t believe me, or you haven’t heard of her before? Then you need to checkout her EPs ‘AVIARY: Act 1‘ and ‘Aviary: Act II‘. But in all this was definitely in great fun as Eryn gears up for her headlining shows on 11/23/16 in Detroit and 11/25/16 in Chicago. Trust me, if you are able to see her perform, DO NOT MISS IT!!!

Tickets are available at ErynAllenKaneMusic.com.

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