After cancelling the rest of his tour stops on his Saint Pablo Tour, it is being reported that Kanye West has been hospitalized in Los Angeles.

According to NBC

Yeezus was under observation at the L.A. hospital late Monday after he canceled his remaining tour dates. In which one, he ended up ranting about Beyonce and Jay Z as well as endorsed President-elect Donald Trump. It is stated that the LAPD responded to a medical welfare call around 1:20pm Monday in which no criminal activity was involved. It was decided at that point to hospitalize Kanye at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center for his own health and safety a source states to NBC.

In all, we know that this could be a publicity stunt, but when it comes down to it. Kanye I feel has gone through a lot that we have seen and probably even more that we haven’t. From the death of his mom, to recently even his wife being a victim of an invasion that left her tied up in a bath and all of their jewelry stolen. Plus many think that it was an inside job. Lets be real, we all may not trust anyone at that point.

But we hope Mr. West gets some medical attention as need and maybe some therapy to talk about the many things that he may need to get off his chest as well as confront within himself. We like Yeezus, but this moment, we need you to come back down to earth, Kanye.

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