After debuting his music video for his song, “L.I.T.A.,” featuring singer Ré Lxuise, Atlanta-based, by the way of Miami, singer-songwriter, Kori James delivers to music lovers his ‘Tomorrow’ EP. Giving you five tracks as well as a visual for his new single “NEWay,” Kori takes you into a dark, yet dream state of Love and Heartbreak.

When it comes to music, Kori James quickly found out it was his passion by the time he wrote his first poem at the age of 6. “The first poem I ever wrote was about the seasons. Fall was my favorite and even then, I was consumed with the concept of time and didn’t like the fact that Fall couldn’t last all year,” James states. “The poem was basic as hell, but the line, “I’ll enjoy it while it’s here” sticks out to me. I pretty much live by that line now.”

You can quickly tell from his single, “L.I.T.A.” that James isn’t just the regular R&B singer you may hear today. Delivering a Alternative R&B sound, Kori shows that growing up in Miami may have been a majority influence on him due to the diversity of the city. “I think it influenced my writing the most – the diversity. I saw a variety of different lifestyles being lived by the people around me,” James states. “I was exposed to real life shit early on, and it influenced me to write from an honest place. So I wrote about the things I saw, the things I felt, an eventually, the things I wanted to see and feel.”

When it comes to other artist that may have helped to influence his sound, James gives props to singer and musicians such as Darkchild, Brandy, Sade and more. “There’s so much to love… It’s gotten to the point where I find inspiration in almost anything. Yeah, I grew up on Darkchild and Brandy’s contributions to music. I’m a big John Mayer fan. I love Sade. James Fauntleroy. They all define a style. They all created these crazy moods through creativity and passion, but think outside of that – the movies, the photos, the art that we have access to now. Some of that love for film plays out in my video for “NE Way” and I wanted to do the video for “L.I.T.A.” almost like a movie. So the shots are more cinematic than what you’d see in a normal music video. I love and respect art so much – all art.”

If it’s project you checkout today, I would definitely make it this one. So go ahead and bring ‘Tomorrow’ into your space, Today.

Checkout Kori James Video For “NEWays” Below:

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