Throughout the years, has grown to be a respected Atlanta based music media platform. Focusing on discovering new talent, locally and globally, we have grown to be one of Atlanta most diverse music sites. Hitting different genres from R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Folk, EDM and much more, many influencers have come to us to figure out who to lookout for as well as sending us enclosed information for private events to checkout artist that we should have on our radar. As time progressed, we have covered some of the hottest private events, concerts and festivals that have been in Atlanta, New York, Texas, New Orleans and Las Vegas and because of our fans and our love of music we continue to do so, but in 2017 we look to deliver even more as you will begin to see the rise of technology on the site.

When it comes to we are always looking to to diversify our audience, in which is the reason why we focus on so many genres and artists that we have organically come to love. But I must say for 2017, is going to broaden its horizon and begin to focus on more topics other than music. With that stated, WCIC is now looking to make itself more known in the tech world as well as the music industry.

When it comes to music we have touched on artists from America, Canada, Africa, Sweden, New Zealand, UK and many more. So when it comes to technology we look to do the same, all while preparing the people or today for what’s to come tomorrow.

Starting in late 2015, we begin to post a few stories that delt with new products as well as tech reviews to let people know what is out there to help them become more productive and keeping them informed. After seeing how many people were interested in that information we decided in 2016 to take a trip to CES 2016 in Las Vegas and build more with companies. While in Vegas, our eyes lit up with joy, becoming overwhelmed from whole nother world that made us feel like kids again.

From it, our excitement for tech and innovative companies grew and we began to feel the need to grow more within the tech industry. But one thing we noticed more than anything is how many things are out there for the people that no one knows about, but is created to help people to be more productive within their lives, stay entertained and what the future may hold.

After seeing so many things and what has and is being completed, we feel obligated to inform people of new things, stuff that  everyone will love, plus how to prepare for the future. Music will always be the bread winner when it comes to content for, but with us having such an influence in entertainment, we feel that we should begin to extend our knowledge to other markets in hopes to bring both together to make for one success platform that people can be informed and entertained (at the same damn time lol).

So with that stated, in 2017, lookout for as we drive the site be ATLANTA’S LARGEST MUSIC AND TECHNOLOGY MEDIA PLATFORM. I want to truly thank everyone for always supporting From the fans, artists, event holders, publicist, managers, producers, studio owners, label executives, hosts and more. Without you all we would not have been able to be as productive as we are today.

Oh yeah, to start off the new year, we will be back in Las Vegas for CES 2017 to deliver exclusive content (as you may have already seen on our social media) on what’s to come in technology. All before they are in a home near you.

Thank You,

Jerry White | Creator
WCIC Media Group, LLC

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