While many artists are turning down, rejecting and cancelling their performance for president elect, Trump’s inauguration, singer-songwriter, Chrisette Michele has agreed to perform for the event on January 20th. Swearing the new president of the United States of America, Chrisette will be one of the performers listed for the 2 day event held in Washington D.C.

According NYDailyNews this information was kept secret do to backlash from people as the agreement was made about a week a go. It is stated that Chrisette agreed to sing at the Inauguration as long as she is able to do a R&B set at the event.

Along with Chrisette Michele, performances will be held by Country singer, Toby Keith, Lee Greenwood, Motown singer Sam Moore and 3 Doors Down.

Now I know many people are going to have a lot to saw about Chrisette Michele performing at Trump’s inauguration, but I’m going to be real. SHE SHOULD! The same people who will probably be giving her THE MOST backlash will be the one that stated that love her, but hasn’t bought NOT ONE OF HER ALBUMS!

You have 10 seconds, name 3 songs from Chrisette. Actually, I’ll give you a minute…

So Chrisette, do you ma. I probably still won’t watch (because I don’t want any channel to get higher ratings just because I want to talk down about the inauguration), but if they are flipping the bill and giving you a check, maybe then people who claim to be ‘True Fans’ will begin to see the importance of supporting amazing singers.

One thing I will say though. Since it has been released to the public now, all I ask for you not to do is BACK OUT NOW! Don’t pull a Jennifer Holliday and pretend that you didn’t know what Trump stood for to many. If you gonna get the check, get the check, but I know I will never respect anyone who tries to pretend to be naive after the receive backlash from others.

So do an amazing job, show the other half of the country why we love you as a singer and continue to be that.

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