Do you hate Trump and can’t stand to be around people who try to justify his work? Do you hate what is considered Hip Hop in today’s society? Or do you hate iPhone users who STILL think iPhones are great even after Steve Jobs passing (R.I.P. Innovative Legend), well now you can find someone who hates what you hate with the Hater app.

Hater App, trump app, trump news, hate trump, love trumpIf anyone has been in a serious relationship we all know that sometimes being someone who loves something that you despise can be detrimental to the success of the relationship. Imagine if you hated video games. You go on a first date what a guy/girl and everything goes amazingly well. Only to find out later that the person you have come to love is a die hard gamer in their free time. You would probably want to look to the sky and ask God, “Why would you play this cruel trick on me!” Well hater can stop that from occurring.

Created by founder and CEO Brendan Alper, who was previously a former Goldman Sachs employee through of the idea about a year in a half ago. After leaving the company to pursue his passion as a comedian, the brilliant idea of the Hater app came as he was creating new material.

Brendan states to Tech Crunch, “It was just in the idea phase. At first I told some people about it – mostly people I was writing comedy with,” says Alper. Everyone had the same reaction: “‘that makes so much sense. It’s really funny, but why doesn’t that exist?’,” he explains. “It really got my gears turning.”

From that, he started putting things into place to making a comedic suggestion into the of lovers who hate.

On the app, their is a selection of roughly 3000 things that you can you give your opinion on and how strong you hate something. From politics, clothing, movies, etc. With most dating apps, as they would display pictures of people, the Hater App begins your hater list and mattering on how strong you hate something, it’s algorithm begins to link you with people who have the same amount of hate for things as well.

Hater App, Swipe Down

So go ahead and find your one true love through hate as the app is now available.

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