When it comes to singer-songwriter that will melt your heart when they begin to sing, Ré Lxuise is definitely one that should be on your list. One thing that makes her standout from so many singers today, Ré Lxuise has the vocals that could make you tear up, want to console her, all while giving you the strength to not want to deal with the bullshit of a failing relationship. Don’t believe me, checkout her new EP titled, ‘D.M. ME’.

Coming after the release of her project, ‘Dripping Gold‘EP, the Detroit native continues to give you her heart. Delivering that soulful sounds that people miss from the 90’s all while giving you a little bit of what the new generation loves today (but not too much).

We have been a fan of Ré Lxuise for awhile, but many came to discover this rising singer after she melted many peoples heart after completing an interlude on ELHAE‘s All Have Fallen album.

Go ahead and make yourself a fan of the rising artist, because Ré Lxuise is definitely a singer to watch for 2017. ‘D.M. Me’ is now available on iTunes.

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