Happy 420 everyone! Today is the day that marijuana smokers with smoke even more Cannabis today than they did yesterday. But for some, it’s a day to just say ‘Fuck It’ and go ahead and get a little high and relax for the day. But in all, no matter how you look to enjoy the day. If it’s from overloading on Dabs, or just trying to get a contact high because you have to go back to that corporate office the next day (who loves to try to do random piss tests after today), be safe. But to make your 420 even more better, here are 8 weed apps that you just might want to download on to you phone. These apps will help you to locate a dispensaries, tell you more about what you are smoking, particular stocks you may want to get in on NOW and more!!!

Strain Spot Marijuana InfoStrain Spot Marijuana Info

Strain Spot is a great app to have if you looking to find out more about different marijuana strains. No matter if it for medical or recreational marijuana users. This app will also help you to understand which strains are best for particular problems. From pain to insomnia, to depression and fatigue. And for some, even better information on how to grow.


 New Cannabis Ventures apps  New Cannabis Ventures

If you are looking to stay up to date on information and news about the cannabis industry, this is the app for you. Right now, many people are trying to figure out which cannabis companies they may want to invest in, New Cannabis Ventures allows you to find out more cannabis companies, as well as give you information on penny stocks and which companies are doing great right now and continue to grow. Besides, if you spend enjoy on weed, you might as well figure out how to also make some money from the companies that you help to progress.

BlazeNow App


With the BlazeNow app, you can find legal cannabis dispensaries, delivery services, doctor referrals, and related accessory locations with the BlazeNow iPhone app! BlazeNow provides a platform where users can easily discover cannabis-related locations based on their personal preferences. From the app you can find nearby dispensaries, delivery services, doctors, accessory locations, keep up with news and deals, reviews on dispensaries and current menus from dispensaries.

Weed Map App

Weedmaps Marijuana Strains

Weedmaps app is one of the top marijuana dispensary finder on the planet. With the most comprehensive set of listings throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe, Weedmaps has the most reviewed dispensaries, doctors, and deliveries to help you find your weed.

Download our App to browse local listings, user reviews, countless varieties of marijuana strains, and beautiful cannabis photos. You can find a medical marijuana doctor in your area to get evaluated and receive your recommendation. You can search which dispensaries or deliveries have the marijuana you prefer based on reviews and ratings. You can check out up-to-date menu items for available medication, marijuana strains, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and any cannabis-related product. You can even watch dispensary video tours and strain reviews provided by WeedmapsTV.

Weed Emoji 2 Weed Emojis 2 by Emoji World

Sometimes words can’t truly explain how you feel and today will definitely be one of those days that you just might need an image to show people how you feel. Well with the Weed Emojis 2 app, all of you weed vibes can be express with 3D emojis that can tell someone that your high as  a kite, you have the munchies, or think you just hit a sunken place, or you just feel guuuuuuuuuuuud. These are pretty hilarious and are worth it for any of your 420 days as it cost only 99 cents.

ReLeaf marijuana app

ReLeaf Marijuana

If you use Marijuana for a medical purposes, this app is perfect for you. ReLeaf Marijuana app allows you for to understand how you react to different strains to better understand which is best for you and your medical needs. You can also keep of how your cannabis is affecting your primary symptom, and keep track of any mental or physical side effects you’re experiencing, live. How many different kinds of cannabis have you tried? What products made you feel creative, energetic, focused, etc.? What was the most effective in treating your anxiety, back pain, or migraines?

Strain Grade

Strain Grade

The Strain Grade mobile app introduces you to our 30 most popular cannabis strains. Including some of the most popular weed strains around such as Jack Herer, Purple Haze, White Widow, Blue Cheese and more! Checkout the top marijuana strains with medical information (Indica/Hybrid/Sativa), plus quality images. So educate yourself on the different types of strains that can help you through out your day.

420 Recs App 420recs

Need to get a medical prescription for medical marijuana? 420recs is the app for you.  This app makes the process for getting medical marijuana recommendations safer and quicker. Just fill out a health questionnaire, have a live a video chat with a real physician, wait to be approved and you will be emailed a recommendation and hand-signed copy to your mailing address for where you can pick up.


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