My TDE Bae, SZA releases a music video for her new song, “Love Galore” featuring Travis Scott. After announcing the name of her next project, CTRL, and teasing people with dance videos and photos on social media, SZA delivers her new song with a music video. In the video, SZA will give you an euphoric sense of love and affection, but this doesn’t seem to be to good for the artist, Travis Scott. As he’s tied up to a bed and receiving a tantalizing dance from the TDE singer, it seems that Travis Scott just may be in Heaven, but it becomes a dark nightmare.

I’ll just for right now, dude may have wish he never mess with bae, she’s a beast and he comes to find out that she can make one call and end his life.

SZA 'Love Galore' Music video

Well, I’m not sorry for him. Coming from a dude who waited outside a venue for an hour in 2014 at SXSW for SZA to finish a performance so I could get a picture with the rising singer (to the point, Punch looked at me and stated, ‘Dudes taking Selfie now?’ HELL YEAH! THIS SZA! LOL!), Travis shouldn’t have got so close to her.

But enough about me and wife’s hall pass, SZA new video is dark, seductive, sexy and horrific all in one. You’re gonna love it. The shots along in the video is something that will make your day less productive and want to be tied to that bed at whatever cost.

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