Uber’s program, Uber Elevate had already announced that they will be in the process of trying to figure out how to develop flying cars for the future, but now it seems that the future will be here before we know it. Preparing to take off (literally) in 2020, Uber looks to release pilot driving, flying cars which will start in Dallas-Fort Worth area and Dubai at Expo2020.

In November, 2016, Uber announced that it will begin a new process titled, Uber Elevate, to come up with the develop to add flying cars as a way of transportation. Now, in 2017, Uber has announced that they will start to launch Uber Elevate in 2020. With so many major city becoming overwhelmed with traffic on the highways and railing system, it’s time that people are able to commute in a different way. Even though the flying car aren’t what you may see in many futuristic movies, Uber looks to work with aircraft manufacturers to use a VTOL technology, or technology for verticle takeoff aircrafts. Manufactures such as Aurora Flight Services and Pipistrel Aircraft will help to build these vehicles for Uber to put in place a new way for tranportation.

You may be thinking, this is going to cost a pretty penny, but Uber is looking to start mileage price at $1.38 per mile. This is just a little bit higher than their UberX transportation services, PLUS you will get to your destination probably 10 times fast, especially if during rush hour periods.

Just because Uber is now focusing on flying vehicles, doesn’t mean they are putting self-driving vehicles to aside. Within multiple cities, Uber has been testing out autonomous cars and has seen the successes from it, but has run into a few legal situations with self-driving vehicles to may push the release of them nationwide a few year back.

Uber within the past few months has been gaining much publicity, but majority in the wrong light. From their CEO having a ‘I will not fail’ mentality that has caused him trouble even with Apple and investors, plus their infamous #DeleteUber situation after giving deals on Uber ride after Taxi went on strike in New York due to Donald Trump’s Muslim ban.

Well it seems that Uber be getting more under control and rather than being accused of stealing technology, they may be figuring out a better way to get of their competitors such as Lyft.


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