Say it with me, “I’m a closet raver.”

We get to go to a decent amount of music festivals here being a growing media site. Everything from hiphop to R&B to lately EDM. If I had to pick which festival makes me feel like I’m in a magical music wonderland, it would definitely have to be the EDM festivals. With Imagine Music Festival returning this year and Shaky Beats just passing, and a host of festivals we haven’t even gone to yet, EDM is a major part of life here in Atlanta.

I’ve been an avid EDM subscriber since my high school days when I first heard the thumping beats of Daft Punk. DeadMau5 is like the weird, emo cousin of Mickey. And don’t even get me started on the wonder that is Dubstep.
Being black and a lover of EDM in Atlanta is like being a needle in a haystack.
As Atlanta continues to grow as an international hub, once foreign anomolies is slowly becoming native to our city. There’s a whole subculture of music and entertainment that most people, read: black people, don’t even know exists. Every year there are more and more music festivals that allow you to escape, if only mentally. So, we’ve concocted a list for our friends to better understand what “those weird people in costume are doing.” Plus answer the age old question of, why can’t white people stay on beat…

First we have to establish da rules:

Rule # 1: Stay weird

One thing I’ve realized going to EDM concerts and festivals is that the people who go to these shindigs are weird…like really weird, but it’s okay! I’ve danced with unicorns and Darth Vaders and never thought twice. The weirder you are, the more fun to be had. Stay weird my friends.
Rule # 2: Good Vibes Only
I remember when I was younger going to clubs…under age, people used to dance and dance and have a great time. As I got older, it’s like folks only came to the clubs to judge and cause problems. When Dungeon Family said, “they don’t dance no mo’,” they were talking about your cousins. When you go to festivals, especially the EDM ones, it’s good vibes only!
Rule # 3: There are no rules
Once you’ve gotten over the fear of being weird in a crowd of people and you’ve found your vibe, you have to understand that there are no rules. If you want to dress up like Tarzan and dye your hair blue, go for it! If you want to showcase what you learned from the latest episode of America’s Best Dance Crew, DO IT! If you want to get trippy, hey get trippy. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or anyone else…or caught doing anything illegal…you’re good. Rules? What rules?

Things to pack:
– ear buds
– a towel
– a small clutch or bookbag
– camel pak
– snacks
– electrolyte and vitamin sports drink mix
– mobile charger
– poncho

How to dance to the music:
– find a groove and go with it
-don’t judge, just vibe

Recently, I discovered the answer to the age old question: why can’t white people dance? Remember that Dave Chappelle episode with John Mayer? [Dave Chappelle video:]
So it’s not just the electric guitar that speaks to the soul of white people, it’s pretty much any electric instrument. Now, the way EDM and Dubstep work is the music is made up of a combination of seemingly random electronic sounds coupled with a hard hitting bass line and sometimes a featured artist singing or rapping over the beat.
A great thing about EDM Festivals is that the music is for everyone! Love a good techno beat? Got it! Bass make your booty go boom? Yup! Lyrics that are as carefree as your mood? Present! It doesn’t matter if this is your first time hearing it or your millionth time. Find a beat and dance to that shit!


How you dance to this music is really simple, find a groove and go with it. The best way to enjoy yourself is to remember [da Rules]
What to wear: whatever the fuck you want to wear. Just cover those nips (at least till you get in the place)!
Top 5 EDM Festivals in the U.S.:
Euphoria Music & Camping Festival
Beyond Wonderland (