Bianca Richelle is the beautiful, curly haired, big eyed, charismatic 9 year old ready to take on the world. Bianca was born in San Francisco, Ca as Bianca Richelle Bougere a.k.a. “Bibi.” to two parents heavily involved in the entertainment industry, her father Richard “Big Rich” Bougere a well known rapper and entrepreneur in the music business and her mother Danielle Banks a brand curator and business manager. When Bianca was three years old her parents recognized her passion for entertainment and immediately got her enrolled dance (hip hop, ballet, lyrical, and jazz) and gymnastics.

In 2013, Bianca Richelle’s parents decided to take her career to the next level and get her involved in acting and modeling. She has appeared in ads for Target, Under Armour, Coca Cola, Sketchers, and Disney.

Bianca might be a pint sized sensation, but her passion for music and dance cannot be capped. In October 2014, Bibi was selected out of 150 kids to be apart of the elite dance team for the NBA’s Warriors Jr. Jam squad for the championship season.

In 2016, Bianca decided to take her performance skills to the next level, by incorporating singing and rapping to her performances. With many things on the horizon this young star is destined for greatness, Bianca aspires to be an all-around entertainer in the fields of dance, acting, and music.

Bianca is back with a new single called “Slide”! The single’s dance challenge has been heating up the internet! Take a listen below, and check out the slide challenge video.

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