Queens, New York raised, Atlanta based singer NayStar, releases a music video for her single, “Come On“. Produced by J-Nice, the rising singer-songwriter delivers a music video filled with choreographed dance moves, all for this club vibing track.

On the song, NayStar states: “Come On” was written because I wanted to make a song that didn’t degrade men. Often times good men are busy working, trying to provide and take care of those he cares for. So in “Come On”, this was his night to be catered to. It’s his night to clear his mind, lay back and let the woman please him in every way physically.”

Checkout the singer NayStar video below:

More About NayStar:
Shanae Benito (“NayStar”), is a multi-talented icon on the rise. She is the only child of Bridget and Derwin Benito, born in Queens, New York, raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Spending majority of her life around music and the performing arts, it seemed almost destined that her heart would lean in that direction as a career path. She has a passion for being on stage and as well as using the arts to express herself. It is a mixture of her talent, drive and passion that set her apart from the rest. Today she is actively pursuing her dreams by being a singer, songwriter, professional dancer, choreographer and published print model. She has proven that her talents in the entertainment industry are GOD given gifts.

Striving to remain relatable, puts her life into her songs. Humble and ambitious, Shanae (Naystar) wants nothing more than to be victorious in her aspiring career and to live her dream to the fullest. Her goal is to be continuously blessed with her music career and to continue blessing others through charity and giving back to the community as well as being a role model and advocate for black women. She wants to remind women that you can be sexy but tasteful, strong yet submissive, Intelligent with an open mind, and an individual who is confident no matter what society tells you that you should look like.

Her motto is “To be different is to be Irreplaceable”. With a positive attitude – she holds her head high; with her unconditional love for GOD – she is blessed; and with a passion for music – she aims to succeed to be the best at all that she embarks upon.

Social Media:
Twitter: www.twitter.com/naydotstar
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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/naydotstar
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC50-SDVKAxXgqssH655KHzQ

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