As many festivals in Atlanta have dropped their festival line ups for 2017, many people were wonder who Music Midtown would be holding this year. Well the wait is over as today, Music Midtown 2017 is HERE! Holding a plethora of headline acts this season, one of Atlanta’s largest festivals drops jaws as the announce their line up this afternoon. If you were expecting that Bruno Mars was skipping over Atlanta when it comes to his tour, GUESS AGAIN as he is the headline of Music Midtown, along with performances from Mumford and Sons, Future, Wiz Khaliza, Blink 182 (Who may still be trying to recover from that Fyre Festival) and many more!

Some smaller acts that I would suggest many people will want to see and should checkout is performances by UK singer, Dua Lipa, Bibi Bourelly, Russ and Missio.

Music Midtown 2017 Music Line Up

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