Stockholm, Sweden, all girl band, Riot Child, are quickly gaining a lot of attention worldwide. Consisting of Amanda Nordelius and Alice Johanssen, the two 24-year-olds are giving the world a couple new faces to get to know on the Alt-Pop scene. With their previous single, “Never Enough” already in heavy rotation on Sweden’s largest radio station, Sveriges Radio P3, Riot Child has a fanbase that has grown across Europe and Asia. Due to hardwork, live, energy driven performances and the success of their single, these ladies are making themselves known in a industry where only the best survive.

The two have been playing together since the age of 16 and as of 8 months ago, looked to take things to another level as they created Riot Child. In this time of developing themselves, they all play 3 instruments each, all sing, produce, film & edit their own videos, write, record and produce their own music. For some, this may make them skeptical of the quality of their work, but one listen to any of their songs will let you know, these ladies know exactly what they are doing. From the blends of heavy drums, to electro-synths, topped with winding vocals, many of their tracks are build ups to get your prepared to rock out during the hook. This hasn’t even included the video quality, that majorly delivers a grungy feel, or crazy to say, a romantic nightmare, such as their video for, “Bullet”.

Credit: Curious Kat Photos

With a sound that has been compared between a blend of 21 Pilots and The Chainsmokers, or, Awolnation and Imagine Dragons,  they deliver a captivating sound that easily can go mainstream, but could rock out a wild crowd in an underground scene. What makes these ladies unique in my eyes is that particular blend of being able to collide two different worlds to want to party together all while they set the mood on stage.

Recently they have negotiated a performance deal with Universal Studios City Walk for the summer of 2017 and recently toured the Philippines, where they not only performed, but appeared on MTV and several major radio stations. To top that off, Riot Child has also been headline performances for 2 of Sweden’s well-known music festivals, Where’s the Music and Midsummerfest.

2017 is looking to be an amazing year for these lady and they are prepared to bring the world with them. Checkout the video for their song, “Bullet” and be on the lookout for more from Riot Child.

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