Born in Nigeria, raised in Toronto, Ontario this international superstar, Témi (Pronounced Tay-Me) has hit the ground running with his smooth appeal and powerful vocals. He brings the Pop/R&B sound with a new age feel. Témi hit the scene in 2014 solo with his EP, “Intro II A New Beginning.” He has released five hit singles including, “Brick By Brick,” “Fire,” “Alright,” “Love It,” and “Lock & Key.”

Témi’s single, “Follow You,” will bring that Summer love dance vibe. Off of his soon to be released Fall of 2017 EP called, “Tame Me.” Témi’s talented past and bright future will keep him on your radar for many years to come.

Directed By: @zeckoj
Produced By: @treyrmusic
Artist: @temi_music

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