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Damar Jackson | 10 Male Singers To Watch In 2016




Damar Jackson is one rising singer who, from the beginning, has shown that he has a lot to offer to the R&B scene. After being announced as being apart of K Camp’s own Slum Lords, the Louisiana native showed that he has the vocals for the ladies to love him all while keeping it G for the guys to rock his music as well when he released his track “Ponytail” produced by hit producer Big Fruits.

One thing that about Damar Jackson is that I look at him as a hybrid artist. What do I mean? As the Alternative Rock look is coming popular for white R&B singers, Damar delivers that smooth R&B style vocals all while delivering a hood imagine that is definitely in for today’s singers (August Alsina, Chris Brown, etc).

More than just his imagine, Damar Jackson has shown that he is able to write his own work and even was a songwriter for K Camp’s songwriting for K Camp’s “Marilyn Monroe”, “Stack of Ones” and new song “Comfortable“, plus Plies “Find You” and Lil Wayne and Nyemiah Supremes’ “No Questions” and “What It Tastes Like”. With hard work and drive, Damar has shown that he is capable of making hit songs, plus memorable tracks for himself as he released “Shoot Up The Club” produced by Big Fruit and Bobby Kritical, “Crazy” and his new song, “Ovher”produced by Tavi Montelle.