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ELHAE | 10 Male Singers To Watch In 2016




ELHAE (pronounced LA) is one name that many people have come to love in 2015, but we feel that was definitely the beginning of what he is capable of. After the release of his AURA EP, the Atlanta-based singer / rapper / producer gain much attention as the project showed the artist putting his heart on the line and gave everyone the project to listen to that delivered the words that they may have never had a chance to say.

With smooth productions that includes working with producers such as Stwo, Ayo the producer, Keyz, Rascals and more, ELHAE shows that he’s found his sound and creates tracks for anyone going through heartache, but is looking for the perfect song to help them coupe. With already gaining just a few MILLION listens on SoundCloud alone, ELHAE has already completed shows in California, New York, Atlanta and London, plus received accolades from Atlantic Records own and Tsumani general HERself Kehlani.

Also to end 2015 after dropping a gang of tracks for his supportive fans, producer Graves partnered up ELHAE and Detroit’s own JMSN to release a new track titled, “Stay Tough”.