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Pluto | 10 Male Singers To Watch In 2016




1st male singer to watch in 2016 is Toronto-based singer / songwriter Pluto who is one artist that you will love! We first had a chance to listen to PLUTO as he released his song, “Cold Water” produced by Kaz and Pluto. From the start of the track, electro-synths captures your mind to listen as the dark 808 bass driven production comes in with Pluto singing, “Goosebump on my arm takes me back to a time, you use to give me chills with kisses from behind”. The smooth, love lost track instantly made us checkout what Pluto has released previously which we came across his JESSICA EP that is truly the project for man who may have had a relationship ended and didn’t get to tell their side of story while accepting changes she may have wanted.

Some of Pluto’s inspiration comes from Freddie Mercury from Queen, Frank Ocean and Abel Tesfaye the Toronto singer known as The Weeknd. One thing that makes Pluto unique is that his sound can definitely come commercial, but gives you himself in every song as he writes track that reflect his life. One thing many singers lack today is song that relate to people’s emotions. Pluto on the other hand, give you that feeling and sounds that many 90’s RnB lovers will enjoy as it takes them back to a time of ‘real music’ all while he is able to make songs that will relate to today’s generation. With Pluto’s soulful sound that can be blended with some of the dopest production we see him as one male singers that many will love, will want hear more of and will love to be a fan of.