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QUIÑ | 10 Female Singers To Watch Out In 2016




Singer/ songwriter QUIÑ is truly from a different planet. With a futurist, ambient sound that is made to catch any ears attention, QUIÑ delivers a feel of freedom and self knowledge.

The first track that I heard from the rising singer was her song, “Dragging Me Down” which I promise you, is one of the smooth songs you will ever heard, but will make you turn up as if you’re in the hoodest club possible. From the ambient vocals to the 808 bass become part of the main production to create the track. This will be one song that you find yourself trying to play loud in your car so that your factory speakers can sound like a pair of 12’s for once.

Gearing up for the release of her 9 Lives EP, we definitely have high hopes for it and feel it will be a project that many will loves like her song, “Resurrection”. At the end of 2015, QUIÑ released a short film titled, ‘Preface’ which used some of the featured songs from her EP to create a video that was literally out of this world.

If you’re looking for an amazing artist who is hitting the ground running and we feel is prepared to lead this music marathon race in the industry, checkout QUIÑ.