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The 5ive Performing At The Eastside Lounge

Ight, if you LOVE real Hip-Hop one group that you need to get to know is, “The 5ive”. Made up of 5 lyrical MC’s (Big Rec, Jawz of Life, Shred TVT, Snub Zero, KP) that spit jaw dropping verses and bars that are so hot, people would have thought you just witnessed a crash from your facial expressions. Definitely one group I have to stay intuned with and show much respect for. Want to come a fan of a group that is the true meaning of Hip-Hop? Then click on the video and get to know, “The 5ive”.


[ Checkout | ]

Collin Gibson’s Video Release Party For “Fornication”

One artist I would recommend getting to know has to be Collin Gibson. Reason Why? Collin Gibson is one of the most creative, lyrical, out of the box #ARTists I have seen in Atlanta, GA. Last week he held a video release party for his song, “Fornication” and also performed a few songs from his new mixtape, “The Wake Up Call Vol 1.” As always, I wasn’t let down with the creativity on the mixtape and the, “Fornication” video had to be one of the best put together videos I have seen in a while. Make sure to checkout the video for, “Fornication” and also performances from Collin Gibson, MicBarz (formerly known as Golden Chyld) and Sonny Bamboo.


Boscoe 5/11/12 Performance at Apache

Checkout performances from the group Bosco at Apache Cafe in Atlanta, GA.

B.o.B.’s Strange Clouds Sells Over 75,000 First-Week

The first week of the release of B.o.B.’s sophomore album, “Strange Clouds”, has sold roughly over 75,000 cds. Even-though he was in the Top 5 album sales for this week, I feel this is low for how great of an artist he really is. When it comes to his album, you definitely get your money’s worth when you are purchasing a cd for good music. One reason I do feel some people didn’t buy this cd is because people can’t categorize him. Is he a Rap artists, a Pop artists, or a Rock artist? Let just categorize him as an #ARTist. Definitely support this #ARTist, because the quality of the cd is great, lyrics are ridiculous, great collaborations and most of all HE HAS MORGAN FREEMAN START THE CD OFF! MORGAN FREEMAN!

Willie Hen performs at I Beat Daily Beat Battle’s #ARTist Search: Willie Hen (@WillieHynBaby)
With producer beat battles, I always end up meeting, or talking to artists I know, but in this case I really didn’t expect to see one perform. As I stood waiting for the event to start, I noticed that an artist came on the stage while a band was setting up. One thing I know is if an artist has a live band with them, 9 out of 10 times their going to be good. So right when the artist started to perform, I decided to turn on my camera and I’m glad that I did. Checkout an #ARTist by the name of Willie Hen perform at the I Beat Daily Producer Beat Battle.

Also make sure to checkout his recent cd, “The Boy In A Balloon”.