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Mixtape Stream: Milky Wayv (@elmilkywayv) Drops “The Best Mixtape You’ve Ever Heard”


Music Collective and Production company, Milky Wayv release an artist collaboration mixtape titled, “The Best Mixtape You’ve Ever Heard”. Listen

Listen: JMSN (@iamjmsn) “Pllajë” EP


Have you ever heard something so good, you don’t care if no one else likes it you just feel the urge to make everyone check it out? Well that this right now, recently while checking out new ARTists, I came across an artist by the name of JMSN who recently at the end of last year released an EP titled, “Pllajë”. I swear, the orchestration on this project will make you either want to call everyone you know and go to an Medieval style war, or sit in a dark room while blazing some of the best weed you can afford. This 10 track EP is literally the definition of MUSIC. make sure to check it out below and let know what you think. Listen

Brian Mcknight Is Making An “Adult” Mixtape?

Ok Brian, we know you have been off the seen for a while, but this just seems like your trying to hard. Let us know what you all think about Brian Mcknight’s new idea to make an, “Adult” mixtape.